Friday, 2 November 2012

{Celebration} 52 photos project yr2 wk28 and photo art friday

"Dinner & drinks, 
coffee & cake,
ceremonies, gatherings,
candles, dancing or twinkling lights -
all beautiful ways to 
uplift & recognize the people
or occasions in our life."
~ Bella Cirovic

This month I am celebrating one year as a blogger!

A year ago today I asked my best friend Mr. Google 
for websites that might provide some inspiration
for my rekindled interest in photography.

I discovered Bella's 52 Photos Project
and, as they say,
the rest is history!

It took me a few weeks to figure out the blog thing... 

My first blog post was for Bella's 'something borrowed' challenge 
- a drawer full of pens I had 'borrowed' on my travels through the office -

I was trying to get caught up on past challenges and had watched a video tutorial
 Bella had made about how to fake a "Lensbaby" look..

So I combined that with the next challenge, which was to go for a photowalk...
and this was my submission

Nothing could have inspired or motivated me more 
than receiving an e-mail from Bella asking if she could feature my photo
and seeing MY picture posted here on 52 Photos Project the following week!

Bella had also featured Vivienne McMaster around that time
which led to my taking Vivienne's 'Rule Free Photography' e-course

I had two wonderful regular 'followers' (Nancy & Angie) who encouraged me 
with comments each time I posted...
and as I began visiting the blogs of other posters 
to 52 Photos Project and Nancy's Rural Thursday
I discovered more blogs, more tutorials and more friends!

I learned how to use PSE from Kim Klassen 
and I discovered textures

I had it in my mind to celebrate my year of "blogography" 
by taking my 'featured' photo from 52 Photos
and apply Bonnie's pdpa Cobblestone background/texture.

I thought I could create an image that would mimic the way leaves leave their outline
on the a sidewalk or Cobblestone after several days of dampness...
which we have certainly had!  

It didn't exactly turn out as I had planned but I sorta like it!
It reminds me of fireworks or colourful party streamers...

Perfect for a celebration... 
discovery & learning,
encouragement & inspiration 
and worldwide friendships.

Seems like the perfect time to recognize you, the people in my blog life with a huge

Thank You

to everyone who has ever left an encouraging comment
and to the wonderful folks who
take the time to come up with challenges and provide space,
 who design textures and provide tutorials
and to new found friends.

Everything I have learned,
I have learned from them
so don't forget to visit the amazing people
who unselfishly share their knowledge and work!!

Awesome weekend, all!

Janet xo

52 Photos Project       Photo Art Friday

:  :  :  :  :
That first blog "The View from Here"
was laid to rest when my father passed away in February, 
as I had borrowed the name from his newspaper column.
:  :  :  :  :


  1. What a great piece you have created to mark your 1 year anniversary as a blogger! Congratulations, Janet.

  2. This is so wonderFULL, Janet!!! I love a celebration. Like you, I am still Very New to all this blogging and sharing. It took me awhile to find this means of blogging, participating, meeting and learning from challenges and others, and feeling like I no longer need to look down at the pedals. I am blogging! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

    Good for you, too, on your interpretation experiment with Cobblestone Road. I quite like what you have, too. I'm noticing lately different ways to take things I've done, and you're inspiring me along those lines.

    Congratulations and Keep On!! You brighten the World with your glorious perspective!!

  3. Happy Blogging Anniversary! Your piece is really fun and creative. I like it too. Sometimes even if things don't work out like we invision them they still can be quite appealing.
    It's also great to meet and share with other bloggers. Keep up the great work.

  4. your submission for Bonnie's challenge is wonderful, but I really, really like the original shot of the leaf!

  5. A wonderful way to celebrate, I am glad you are having so much fun :-)

  6. It's very festive and quite appropriate for your Year Long, celebration! Congratulations!

  7. I'm loving what you did with the leaves, both the realistic image and the abstract image. Two very different images and both very impressive. I had to laugh at your image of pens. How many times have I ended up with all kinds of pens in my desk drawer, none of which belonged to me originally! LOL

  8. This post makes me so happy for you!! Keep on shooting with that camera. xo

  9. This is such an upbeat post! Now I am going to follow the links you've posted to find out more. Thanks!!

  10. Oh, and I forgot to say: CONGRATULATIONS!!

  11. Happy Blogaversary. Your photos are amazing. I can see how you want to keep blogging I have the same feelings of support from my blogger family. I rad the post above hope your computer is back with your photos. B